AWAKENINGS: A Church (& God)


August 26, 2019

Written by: Kaitlynn Zaenger

It's no secret that church is a touchy and, more oftentimes than not, complicated subject for many - for believers, non-believers, and all of those "I'm somewhere in between"ers alike. No matter how much or how little experience you have with the church game, we all have an idea of what it looks like:

"My church has a dress code."
"Mine has a bookstore."
"Mine only sings classic hymns."

Sometimes, though, what we think church looks like is a bit more painful.

"I got a divorce. My church kicked me out."

"I told my pastor I'm gay, and he said I'm going to hell."

"I got an eviction notice on my door today, and the financial team said I just need to manage my money better."

Sometimes, church just hurts. And it hurts because it's made up of a ragamuffin collection of hurting, broken people. The church isn't perfect, and it's not supposed to pretend to be. You're allowed to have baggage and you're allowed to screw up and you're allowed to have skeletons upon skeletons in your closet. You're allowed to be imperfect at church, and I am so sorry, friend, if you've been made to feel unqualified or not good enough.

At Awakenings, we believe it's about God awakening the hearts of His people; it's a place where everyone is afforded a second chance in their Brother's eye. It's not about how good you're pretending to be; it's about how sick you are, how much you're hurting, how much you need rest. At Awakenings, you're welcome as who you are, right where you are. The church doesn't exist for the "good" and self-righteous. The church belongs to you precisely because of whatever "x, y, and z" someone told you disqualified you. You are uniquely qualified because of whatever it is you've been trying so hard to hide.

  Jesus didn't come to heal the healthy, friend; he came to heal the sick (Mark 2:17).  

Jesus welcomes you, and so do we here at Awakenings.