July 2, 2020


Do you feel desperate sometimes, like really desperate? I mean, right now you're in the middle of something that is so trying that you're ready to do anything. You've thought there is no way out, no solution, there is no one or no thing that can help. You're all alone in this.

There is an example in the Bible that I believe can help, someone who was all alone, who couldn't see any way out. Let's see what she did.

This woman had tried everything, spent everything she had to get well. She had seen every doctor, but they made it worse. You see, she had an issue of blood that could not be stopped, and she had this FOR TWELVE YEARS! And with this issue of blood she also carried the stigma of being unclean. According to Levitical Law, any woman who had an issue of blood (the monthly cycle of menstruation) was deemed unclean. Anything she touched was considered unclean, even furniture! It seemed hopeless. Seemingly there was nowhere to turn. Then one day she heard of a man named Yeshua, supposedly a miracle worker. He had turned water into wine, and it was said He healed people. Healed people! Could it be true? Could He even heal her, not only that, but WOULD He heal her? She was unclean! She wasn't supposed to go out in public because she might accidentally touch someone and then they would be unclean. Should she go? She decided finally she would go, I mean what could she lose? Nothing! But if she didn't try, she would forever wonder what would have happened if she HAD gone but didn't. So she went to find Him.

He wasn't very hard to find because everyone was trying to get to Him. His disciples were trying to clear the way but He was still being bumped and jostled. As she neared Him, she started thinking, "What if He doesn't heal me, what if He berates me instead because I'm unclean. What if He tells me to go away?" She finally decided that she would sneak up and just touch His cloak. Just touching something that was touching Him should work. And that way He wouldn't be any the wiser! What would that hurt? Nothing! No harm, no foul! So she reached and touched just the hem of His cloak. And she was healed! The blood flow stopped!

But then the unthinkable happened! He stopped and asked "Who touched me, Who touched my cloak?" His disciples who didn't have a clue of what just happened answered Him saying, "Everyone has touched You! What do you mean who touched You?" Jesus answered and said that virtue had gone out of Him, that someone had touched Him. He looked around and saw her, the one who had touched Him.

She knew she was caught, that He was going to scold her for touching Him. So, trembling and fearful she knelt before Him and told Him everything she had done. And the amazing thing was, He wasn't upset! He told her that it was because of her faith she was healed. 

When we're desperate, what do we do? Where do we turn? Do we tell everyone about the situation we're in, or do we tell no one? What is our normal response? What if you get the dreaded call from the doctor's office and he tells you bad news? What if the bad news isn't about you, but about your husband or wife, or even worse, your child? What do you do?

I believe the example of the woman with the issue of blood tells us where we can turn. You see, what she did by turning to the One who can heal and fix it, I think was put into the Bible not only to show what a great Saviour Jesus is (the fact that He is a healer and He cared about her), but to show what we should do when in a similar situation. It doesn't have to be a sickness like she had, but it can be anything that's causing havoc and chaos in our life. If you're a follower of Jesus this should be our normal response to turn to Him. He cares about us. We belong to Him. It states in the Bible that we're bought with a price. he loved us enough to purchase us, and this He did by paying for our sin debt by His death on the cross. Don't you think that He would love us enough to want to help us in every trial, sickness, and every obstacle that comes against us? I think the answer is a resounding YES!

You know, once we get to our new Home, we'll get to meet our Saviour, the One who cares, plus we'll get to meet the ones who were healed, the ones who He helped. I believe we'll meet the woman with the issue of blood (and we'll call her by her name, not "the woman with the issue of blood"). We'll get the meet the widow who Jesus pointed out in the temple who put everything she had into the offering plate. We'll meet the demoniac who lived in the cemetery who Jesus cast the demons out of.

If you're facing a terrible situation, why don't you take it to the One who can fix it. He wants to. After all, you belong to Him and He wants you to look like Him. Give Him a try.