Do you Know the Father

August 13, 2020


Your Awakened Moment

Do you know THE Father? 

By Pastor Bob

I have a friend who we’ll call “Bob” who had a very tumultuous childhood. He had five sisters three of which had different fathers. The other two had the same father and he himself did not know who his father was. So, as you can see his “family” was a very dysfunctional one. 

In his late teens or early twenties, he met his Heavenly Father and was gloriously saved. When talking about this, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he told me that he may not know who his earthly father is, but he now has a Father in Heaven who cares for him and who loves him with the love that he never received as a boy. He has had issues and difficulties even after being saved, as one would expect, but he now has a Helper, the Holy Spirit who is leading and guiding him to find his way through all the turmoil and doubt one would expect in a situation like this. 

I wonder if we know what a privilege it is to know our Father in Heaven. The apostle John stated in 1 John that God loved us so much, that he called us His children. Indeed, John also states in his Gospel that those who received Him, He (God) gave the right to become His Children. That is so exciting! God, the creator of everything calls us (believers in Him) His CHILDREN!

But you know what? There is something else that adds even more to this excitement. In his gospel, John states that those who were born again were not born because they came from the womb that way, they weren’t born again because of the will of the flesh, OR man, but it was because of the will of God. It was GOD’S will that we be saved. Think of it: God chose us to be saved! We didn’t come to Him, He came to us and chose us to be His children!

There’s also something else that helps to show that He came to us: in John chapter 6, Jesus says that no one can come to Him unless God the Father draws him. This was so important that He repeated it later in the same chapter. And in Paul’s letter to the Romans, he repeats Scripture written in the Old Testament that no one, NO one can come to Him, to God, that there are none, NONE who seek for God. But what does this mean to believers and followers of Jesus? What are the implications to us? 

It means that He, the Creator of all things chose to save some, He chose to come to those He calls His elect, His children, those He chose before the foundations of the earth, those who He makes Holy and blameless before Him (Ephesians 1). We can’t come to Him on our own. It means that we can’t just one day decide to “get saved,” to get fire insurance just in case all that stuff in the Bible is true. It doesn’t work that way. What it means is that God chose to save us and to be our Father, to be our God, and made us alive together with Jesus. Why did He do this? Because of the great love He had for us, and that’s the only reason. He didn’t have to, but He did it any way.

Do you see now what a great privilege it is to know Him, to be called His children? This should bring great comfort to us, that He knows us, just because He CHOSE to know us, and that He CHOSE us to lavish His grace upon. 

I think that we can be thankful that we have a Heavenly Father like “Bob” does, One who cares for us and loves us as He did Bob.

Pastor Bob