How Shall We Live

June 3, 2020


How Then Shall We Live?
By Pastor Bob

We're living in what seems at times a crazy world. The COVID-19 Virus, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, sea life beaching themselves, terrorist attacks, ufo sightings... And the list goes on and on.

What are we, as Christians, as followers of Jesus to make of all this? How do we handle these things? Are we afraid? Let me make more personal; how do you handle this? Are you afraid? Do you worry that you might get this virus, that you will killed or captured by terrorists? Do you worry obsessively about your kids?

Let me ask you this: what do you place your trust in, or who do you place your trust in? Do you trust that your government will do right by you, will always take care of you? Do you place your trust in luck, or karma, or the stock market? Do you believe that because you're a Christian that no harm will come to you, that no sickness will come upon you, that everything will always be hunky dory?

Let me remind you what Jesus himself said; that there will be troubles in this world, the poor will always be with us, that we as Christians will suffer persecution.

Why do bad things happen to good people? This seems to be a valid question. Life seems to be unfair, seems to be no fun at times.

When this stuff happens to us, how do we handle it? Do we just plow through it, do we just make the best of it and move on?

I believe God lets or causes these "bad" things to happen for our good. Personally, in my case God used cancer to forever change my life. He let me know that He loved me through this. I was always striving to be "good" so that He would love me, so it was strange that the cancer changed the way I thought about Him. He wasn't out to "get" me, He was out to change me.

In the Psalms, it states that God purifies as gold or silver. When gold and silver are purified, the metals are heated to the melting point so that the impurities, or dross float to the top which is then skimmed off. God does the same to His children; He causes "heat" in our lives so that the dross, or sin comes to the top so that He can skim it off. Even though we are found blameless as far as sin goes, we still live the flesh, which is in a constant battle with God's Holy Spirit that forever lives in us. Paul stated in Romans that he struggled with his flesh also. He wanted deliverance from "this body of death." The things he didn't want to do, he did. The things he wanted to do, he didn't. It was a daily battle. Jesus told us, His disciples to take up our cross daily. What does this mean? We can look at it like this: the cross is a place of death, a place where we crucify our sin, our weaknesses, our lusts. We are to daily die to our flesh. Notice that we are to daily die to our flesh. It's a constant battle. We are "squeezed" so that what initially comes out is of the flesh, but as time goes by and we keep crucifying the flesh, what will come out is Jesus. We respond as He would.

This is the goal: to be more like Him in spite of whatever happens. The longer we walk with Him and the more we strive to be like Him, we can have peace in all things, "A peace beyond all understanding."

So when the "bad" things start to happen, remember this: God's got this! "God causes all things to work together for good, to those who love Him, to those who are the called in Christ Jesus." Do you love Him, are you one of the called? Then God will cause those "bad" things to work for your good. For He loves, you are His child. And that can't be undone.


Pastor Bob