How Will You be Remembered

June 3, 2020

BY Pastor Bob

What will you be remembered for? Does anyone give "two mites" about it?

Do you ever wonder about your place in this world, or whether your life has been of any consequence, whether you have contributed anything good to mankind? 

Has your life mattered, or made any impact on the world? 

Will you be remembered for anything good or what will you be remembered for? 

Do you wonder about your legacy, or what you'll leave behind after you die and leave this earth? Will your name be in a sports records book, will you have monuments built in memory of you, will you leave a sizable estate to your kids or a charitable organization? If you really think about it though, does any of this "stuff" matter? I mean if you look back at someone's life who mattered to you, like your mom or dad, granddad or grandma, do you look at the "stuff" they left behind, or do you remember the good times you had with them, the fun you had, and the love you shared with them? Would you rather leave "stuff", or would you rather they remember you for who you were, and not for your "stuff?" How will you be remembered? 

There's is scripture in the Bible I think illustrates this perfectly. It's found in the book of Mark, chapter 12, verses 41-44 Jesus had been teaching in the temple and afterwards sat down across from the temple treasury. He was watching as the people deposited their offering and saw a widow deposit two "mites" which equal one penny. Each mite was worth worth about 6 minutes of an average daily wage. So she gave about 12 minutes of a day's wage. He contrasted the giving of the rich and the widow. He told His disciples that she gave more than the rich did. How could this be? Because the rich gave out of their riches and had money left over whereas she gave out of her need, i.e. she gave everything she had. She had nothing else to give. She didn't have a husband to support her and possibly no sons either. The point Jesus was making was that she gave not knowing how she was going to make it after that, but she gave anyway. 

I think a comparison can be made between the widow and the person who gives "everything" today; i.e. the person who gives all they have to the cause of Christ, the person who works behind the scenes to further the Kingdom. It could be the amount of money they give, it could be the amount of time they freely give, or their prayer time for those who have needs, or for those who don't know the Lord, those who need the Lord's gift of salvation. In other words, this person could be "invisible". No one knows about them or what they're giving for His cause. Maybe they wonder whether or not they matter, if what they do matters. Have they done any good in this world? 

I believe this illustration is in the Bible for a reason. The "widow" and the person today who gives everything they have are comparable. If you think you are "invisible " and no one notices you, the Lord knows who you are. Just think the widow, who is not named is in the Bible and will always be there. We will know her in Heaven, and we will know her name, the one who Jesus honored. We will say to her, " I read about you in the Bible." 

I think the one who works behind the scenes, the one whose works are unknown to us will be made known by Jesus when we get to Heaven. We will know their names because Jesus will point them out to us and tell us about who they are and what they have contributed. He will call them a Faithful Servant and give them rest for eternity.

If you're one of those " invisible" ones who has given everything like the widow did, you will be remembered forever! You name will be known because Jesus will point you out like He did the widow, and people will know you for what you did for Him, and you will enter your eternal rest like the widow. 

Keep going "invisible one." You will be remembered! FOREVER!


Pastor Bob