The One Who Forgives

June 3, 2020

BY Pastor Bob

The One Who Forgives | Easy on your judgements

By Pastor Bob

Last week, we explored the character of Jesus and His treatment of sin. The example we saw was the account of the woman at the well. This woman had been married five times and was having relations with a man who wasn't her husband. Jesus pointed this out to her and she concluded that this must be the Messiah, the One Who was to come. He told her that He was indeed the Messiah. She went and told the men of her village that the Messiah was here, because He told her of all the things she had done. The men came and heard Him speak and many came to believe in Him also. 

The point of this account was in how Jesus treated her. He didn't treat her with contempt. He didn't look down on her or point out the fact that she was evil because of the choices she had made. Instead, He forgave her and saved her and healed her hurts because of her belief.

Another example of Jesus' character is in the book of John, chapter eight. He was teaching in the synagogue, and while teaching a woman was brought in by the scribes and Pharisees who was caught in the "very act of adultery." There are some who believe that she was set up so that she would be caught committing adultery and could be brought to Jesus to see what He would do, to test Him. The law was that anyone who committed adultery was to be stoned. What did He do? He told the men who had stones in their hands that, the one who didn't have sin in their hearts to cast the first stone. What could they do? They went away one by one, because they ALL had sin their hearts. He asked her where the men were, the ones who condemned her. They left because they couldn't condemn her, because they were just as full of sin as she was. Jesus told her He didn't condemn her either. He simply told her not to do it anymore.

In John chapter 3, verse seventeen, it states that Jesus didn't come to condemn people, but to save them. Can we, as followers of Jesus do any less? Should we look down on people because of their sin? We should be as the men with stones in their hands were; we should realize that we're sinners also, sinners who have been forgiven, sinners that have lavishly been slathered in the grace of God. "For it is by GRACE you have been saved by faith, and that not of yourselves, lest any man should boast." 

If you see anyone who has sinned, be like Jesus and show them grace, not condemnation.


Pastor Bob